7 Jun

Google’s algorithm changes once again

If you are a regular Google user (you probably are – there are about 65% of 7.5 billion humans – you do the math…), then you might have noticed some changes over the last couple of days. That is because Google has been making improvements; right hand side ads will no longer appear and AMPs (accelerated mobile pages) were launched.

The ad location story comes as no surprise – we all know that the top part (especially the top left-hand corner) of any webpage is prime screen real estate. Google is simply claiming more of that for itself and pushing organic results (organic results = we are not making any money out of it) further down on the page.

One can argue that this is a fair deal – after all, Google are providing the service of giving answers without charging you for it, so they have the right to decide how to use your screen space when you are using that service.

In the end – you have to decide. Do I spend all my marketing dollars on SEO, PPC or both? How long is a piece of string? The best answer – it depends. You should probably spread your expenses across both, depending on your unique situation. Have a look at this conference paper – click on the first link for the full text, for more details.

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