8 Aug

What must you do to increase your rankings on Google and other Search Engines?

Most large SEs use two algorithms to calculate where your website will rank: one for the natural (organic) results, and one for the paid (PPC) results.

To rank highly in the natural results, you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on your website, involving on-page and off-page ranking factors. Arguably the most important on-page factors are well-written content and meta-data (including meta-tags, anchor-text, filenames, Alt text, etc). The most important off-page elements include the quantity and quality of inlinks (backlinks), plus social media signals.

To rank highly in the paid results, you have to bid a reasonably high amount for your key-phrases of choice, write a “good” PPC ad, and ensure that your landing page meets all the conditions specified by the SE. For Google, the ranking formula for PPC ads is:

Rank = Bid Price X Quality Score

The QS is measured on your landing page, and Google provides lots of guidance of what that means – it is closely aligned to Google’s own guidelines for SEO-friendly pages!



Prof Melius Weideman        01 August 2019

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