19 Mar

How can I get Google, Bing and/or Yahoo! to index my website?

If you have registered a brand new domain, AND/OR no other websites point to your domain, you HAVE to submit your domain name manually to at least Google and Bing, except if you want your website to sit outside in the cold forever, and never get any visitors.

1. Make sure your website is hosted and stable, and has well-written text content (employ a copy-writer if necessary).

2. Get an XML sitemap (many free programs do it for you), and host the sitemap.xml file in your root. Any one of these should do the job: 






3. Now submit this sitemap at Google and Bing’s WMT (Web Master Tools).

For Google, use: 


For Bing, use:


In both cases, The SEs might send you an authority file, which you have to put on your domain in the root, so they can check that you are a legitimate human and not a bot.

4. Wait max 24 hrs for Google (Bing and Yahoo! might take up to a week or even two), and check if your domain has been indexed. 

For Google, use:   site:www.website.com as a search query –  no spaces. 

If indexed, Google should list all the subpages of your website on the SERP.

For Bing and Yahoo!, copy and paste the first text sentence from your homepage into the search box, and put quotes around it. Your homepage should be listed on the SERP.

You do not have to (= cannot) submit anything to Yahoo! – they make use of Bing’s index (Bing=Microsoft) and if Bing indexes you, Yahoo! will eventually pick up your domain as well.

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